Obviously I’ve missed Thanksgiving by a few days. I meant to put up a post much earlier, but we were very distracted with getting engaged an all, over the holiday weekend. Now we’ll have all kinds of new material about trying to plan a meat eater/veg wedding that you’ll get to enjoy.

But at any rate, Thanksgiving. It is a really strange time of year where the focus of the celebration is entirely on food and especially of very specific food: turkey, butter covered green beans, marshmallow topped sweet potatoes, among other things.

Last year, the first year that I spent a very traditional Thanksgiving with Jason’s family, I got a text message from my dad asking, “What does a vegan eat on Thanksgiving?” This is not at all an unusual question. It seems like a few people ask it every year and Jason’s students always respond with a stunned silence when they get to this part of the year and realize that Jason can’t eat turkey. Their is this idea in the meat eating community that somehow you cannot possibly enjoy this holiday without the consumption of meat.

While I willingly eat a bite or two of turkey every year I’ve never been a big fan and this is one holiday where my family is really not that traditional. Pizza, sushi, and other strange dishes have usually graced our table. So I was thrilled to discover that I actually really like Tofurky. That is what vegans eat at Thanksgiving. It’s a flavored tofu roll filled with stuffing and accessorized with vegan versions of all your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. We discovered this year that it goes particularly well with homemade cranberry sauce.

Jason’s mother made this amazing cranberry sauce that was a new discovery this year. It included fresh pomegranate juice, cranberries, orange zest, sugar and probably a few other things that I’m not remembering, but it was wonderful and totally vegan.

I got some great shots of Jason carving up our Tofurky and even without the proposal I would have rated this year a fantastic Thanksgiving.


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