Tofurkey Hunting

It was a long and harrowing journey up to Salt Lake City this weekend to wrangle ourselves a Tofurkey, but we were successful. In fact we caught two of the sly creatures. We bought a Tofurkey Feast and a standard Tofurkey Roast from the Whole Foods in Sugarhouse to prepare ouselves for the upcoming holiday. The feast had only just landed after its yearly migration and we were the first to land one. We were very greatful for this as we would otherwise have missed out on the lovely Tofurkey Wishbone. A tragedy like no other.

It looks like we will have company for the gigantic Thanksgiving feast that we’re planning. Our friend Larry and his kids will likely be joining us. They’re big meat eaters and we’ve told them to bring a turkey dish if they want to, but we won’t be making any meat. This is no disappointment to me. I’ve never been much of a turkey eater. Now if you suggested that we skip the mashed sweet potatoes, we’d have to have a little discussion.

I am a little worried though about how these kids who are very used to and comfortable with their highly traditional and (please don’t be offended Larry!) boring cuisine, are going to react to our food. I think that we’re pretty good by now at making vegan food palatable for non-vegans, but this will be a real test by very harsh critics.

I’m attempting my first ever apple pie this year. One of our lovely friends sent us a new Vegan Baking cookbook as a wedding gift and it has a great looking recipe for classic apple pie done the vegan way. I can’t wait to try it out. I think I’ll also make some bread, possibly not vegan now that I know there will be others around to eat it. My mom’s challah was always one of my favorites so I’m thinking I’ll give that a shot too.

Jason is planning to handle the tofurkeys, a new green bean cassorole recipe, sweet potatoes, and I think a stuffed acorn squash recipe that I found. This is our first big holiday as a married couple and making a Thanksgiving feast is kind of a big married life milestone. We’ll be sure to give you updates as we work!


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