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Best Baby Items #2

To continue my top five run down of the best baby items that we’ve purchased and used in Scout’s first year, the next one is probably not all that useful until you have a walker. We never would have purchased these had I not won a gift certificate to Jillian’s Drawers (fantastic site for anyone who does cloth diapering or wants to find a source for well reviewed, quality baby items), but that said, they are totally worth their high price tag.

2. Stonz Booties and liners

Crocodile Brown

Jason points out that these are the most complimented baby item we own. People are always saying how cute they are when we’re out. These awesome boots are totally soft (sides as well as sole) so they’re great for developing feet. The bottom part is rubbery so they are waterproof in the snow, puddles, and mud. We bought a slightly larger size than we thought we needed in part because we wanted Scout to be able to wear them for a while and also because we bought the optional fleece liners as well and the liners take up extra space in the boot. The boots are lined with a thin fleece and would probably be warm enough for mild winters on their own, but we really wanted something toasty warm and these fit the bill perfectly. They were designed by moms in Canada for much harsher winters than ours so you know they’re going to be cozy.

The bungee cords allow them to cinch down tightly so even though they’re large on Scout, they quickly adjust to fit and stay on tight. She can pull them off if she gets really determined, but most of the time she tolerates them just fine. They come up almost to her knee which is great on cold days because it minimizes how much other gear I feel the need to bundle her in. They also open up wide at the top so they’re really quick and easy to slip on. You can even put them right on over other shoes if you want. When it warms up we can just take the liners out and have perfect rain boots. I’m hoping they’ll fit through next winter as well.

The boots were about $40 and the liners were about $20 making the price tag for these quite a bit higher than any other shoes that we’ve bought, but they really have earned their keep. We use these all the time. Now that Scout wants to walk on her own these boots keep her feet warm and dry even as she marches around on the snow. When we put her in the stroller or carrier I feel confident that they will keep the wind and the cold out. They’re also totally machine washable making them just all around easy!

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