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Healthy Chocolate Shakes – Make These Tonight.

I owe Eating Well Magazine a big thank you for this recipe. As I try to cut sugar out of my diet (some days more successfully than others) I am constantly on the lookout for recipes that will fill the void left behind when I am not eating simple carbs, cookies, cakes, and the like. This one packs a pretty good nutritional punch and is seriously decadent tasting. As a bonus for any pregnant or trying to conceive women out there it is also a good source of folate! It’s also low enough in sugar and high enough in food value that you don’t have to feel guilty for letting your kids have some. Scout LOVED it!

Chocolate Avocado Shake

(Makes 2 pretty large shakes in about 10 minutes)

1 ripe avocado

1 1/2 cups of your favorite milk (dairy or non dairy)

3 Tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

3 Tbs agave nectar (original recipe called for brown sugar or maple syrup, but agave nectar is easier on those of us with blood sugar issues and the flavor works really well here).

2 Tbs chocolate chips, melted

1 Tbs vanilla or to taste

12 ice cubes

Pit the avocado and scoop it out of the rind and in to a blender. Add the milk, cocoa powder, agave nectar (or other sweetener), melted chocolate, and vanilla. Blend until smooth. Add the ice to the blender and puree until the ice is in small enough pieces that it is not noticeable (you don’t want those little balls of ice in your shake). If your blender has an “ice crush” setting, that can be helpful, but it isn’t necessary. Just blend until it’s smooth and frothy looking.

Serve immediately! And thank me later. 🙂


First Sentence?

It figures this is what she would say. I have fought most of my life against my terrible sweet tooth (many days I don’t fight at all) and now I’m afraid I may have passed it on to my daughter. She signs quite a few words these days and some of them with an extra level of enthusiasm. So a few mornings ago she was sitting in her high chair having just eaten breakfast. There were no sweets in sight, I swear. It is possible that I was thinking with longing about the fact that, just the night before, Jason, my mom, and I had eaten through all of the chocolate chip cookies that I’d made…but surely she doesn’t have ESP?

Regardless of the reason, for the very first time in her little life she put two signs together to create a sentence:

“More cookies.”

And she said it again and again, “more cookies, more cookies.” Jason laughed and said, “I agree with her! Chapel, make more cookies!” And of course I laughed too and was amazed to see the cognitive leap that this seemed to represent.

But what have I done to her?! Did I really already turn her in to a little sugar addict? I didn’t think I’d given her much…maybe cookie meant something else to her in that moment. Well, whatever it meant, I obliged. I made more cookies and Jason and I have been eating them like popcorn. But I haven’t offered any more cookies to Scout. We’ll stick with crackers for now.

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