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There is a Perfectly Good Reason…

There is a perfectly good reason why one of the only words that my daughter says is “white.” I swear we’re not horrible racists. Even though she walks around the house saying “whhhhyyt,” “whhhhhyyyt,” in the drawn out, deliberate, tones of a brand new talker. Even though she often uses “white” to refer to anything that she likes, including, “mommy, white;” and while, yes, that is true strictly speaking, I swear I can explain.

You see, much to my chagrin, her favorite movie/character/thing in the world has become Snow White. She can’t say “snow” and doesn’t really seem to think that is is an essential part of the woman’s name; “white” works well enough for her.

How did this happen, you might rightly ask. I am still asking this question myself. How did I end up with a daughter obsessed with princesses? I don’t really know. We were at a grocery store in Las Vegas, visiting Jason’s family over Christmas, when she spotted a display of these cheap, terrible, dolls in rubber dresses that were marked down for the post holiday sale. She picked out the one and only Snow White doll there (she had never seen the movie at this point) and hung on to it with white knuckled ferocity. So we bought it…only $5 or something, we reasoned, no big deal. Ohhh how wrong we were. That one little $5 doll has lead in to a full blown obsession. We now own a stuffed snow white doll, a snow white duplo set, matching plush Dopey and Grumpy toys, and a full set of Snow White figurines (that we have not given her yet), as well as the movie which has become something we watch….all too frequently.

She sticks Snow White stickers on us, drags us to the TV, signs and says “white” repeatedly until we either convince her that we are not going to put the movie on, or give in, and now has begun the embarrassing habit of calling everything, “white.”

Let’s just hope she doesn’t learn any other colors for a while. Jason, I told you it was dangerous to raise a kid in Utah.

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